Dos Cielos Restaurant

The Culinary Sensograph was created by the Torres brothers, chefs at the Dos Cielos Restaurant, and the interactive agency Nopiun.

The technique has been created for the Dos Cielos restaurant on the 24th floor of the ME Barcelona Hotel.

The panoramic Dos Cielos Restaurant is on the 24th floor of the ME Barcelona and is run by the chefs Sergio and Javier Torres.

Their philosophy of their cuisine is to achieve maximum satisfaction from minimum manipulation. They believe there are no secondary products, they are obsessed with quality.

They present their dishes in a very simple way. This does not mean it is all easy and effortless, but rather that it is the result of a long process of reflection, technique and research. They aim to provide a dining experience with its own very special personality.

At the Dos Cielos website you can visualise the restaurant menu through culinary sensographs.

In the “Our menu” section at the sensographs created by our restaurant customers and the perceptions they experienced as they ate are published automatically.