The culinary sensograph

The sensographs are created from customer perceptions via an interactive appliance in the restaurant called the Culinary Sensograph.

In the “Our menu” section at the sensographs created by our customers in the restaurant and the perceptions they experienced as they ate are published automatically.

How to use the culinary sensograph:

Different elements are used to create a sensograph:

1. Choose a dish
Choose one of the menu dishes that you have eaten.
2. Perceptions
Choose from the four basic perceptions you experienced as you were eating. You can go from one to another at any time as you create your sensograph.
step01 step02
3. Power meters
Change the intensity of the perception via the power meter. In real time you can see the changes made every time you adjust the power meter.
Environmental Sensor: See how shapes are created automatically due to the sensor located in the main dining area at Dos Cielos.
4. Save
Click on save, type in your name and the sensograph will be published automatically at
step03 step04